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Marketing and business solutions

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business solutions business and marketing solutions
business and marketing solutions

Your partner to success

marketing and business solutions

itBMS, provides small and medium businesses (SMBs), with Information Technology solutions in business and marketing services and products to improve profitability through the use of technology

Our mission is clear: develop and implement world class industry solutions to ensure competitive advantage, ROI and reduced TCO.

Industry Solutions
With itBMS services or products, vendors and corporations are able to reach more potential in-industry customers so as to improve returns on marketing efforts. This service includes improving a vendor’s market management strategies.

Our analysts’ services combine twenty-five years of proven methodologies and strategic subject matter expertise to help your company gain market share and to increase product awareness.

Services help enterprises understand their market place, and to stay ahead of the competition. Through business analysis and strategic marketing, IT BMS can help you formulate and implement your online strategy to improve ROI, increase campaign effectiveness, integrate multiple channels, convert visitors into customers.

With Industry “Best Practices” show your company how multi-method targeting can be used to open new markets and increase market penetration.


Desafíos en la implementación de las políticas de seguridad en las organizaciones
latinoamericanas y caribeñas

por Juan Carlos Fondevila Sancet
Noviembre, 2011

Protección de datos críticos, confidenciales y propiedad intelectual
por Maria Mercedes Arechavaleta
Noviembre, 2011

The Insecurity of the Mobile Workforce
by Alex Hankewicz
April, 2010

eCLIPse© in the mainframe and business application arena.
Additional provided functionality for eCLIPse© Security

by Leslie Satenstein
March, 2010

El coste del hurto de la computadora portátil (en español)
por Maria Mercedes Arechavaleta
Noviembre, 2009

Does your IT Model lead or follow the competition ?
by Alex Hankewicz and Leslie Satenstein
November, 2009

The role of eCLIPse in Security
by Leslie Satenstein
October, 2009

Does This Cloud have a Silver Lining
by Alex Hankewicz and Leslie Satenstein
September, 2009

Supply Chain Management and Industry Best Practices.
by Leslie Satenstein
August, 2009

Why go ERP? A Baker’s dozen questions to ask before you buy an ERP solution.
by Leslie Satenstein
July, 2009

itBMS Partnership with
Gott & Man to Expand
eCLIPse© Offering

Encryption Software Solution for Secure Corporate Confidential Data.

(Montreal, QC, Canada, March 10, 2010) – itBMS is pleased to announce that it is expanding its Encryption Software Solution eCLIPse© offering with the signing of a partnership agreement with Santiago Chile based “Gott & Man“ (www.

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Open Source CRM and GroupWare

We are proud to announce
the new partnership
between Hipergate and itBMS

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  The smarter Encrypted
Security Systems

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  The leading professional web-based Open Source ERP



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